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Bio on Coach Ertl

Certified Personal Trainer and Cycling Coach

   Certified personal trainer and cycling coach with extensive experience as a competitive endurance athlete. 
Coaching experience with individual competitive and recreational cyclists and cycling teams. 
Experience directing cycling events and managing a competitive team.  
Formed and manage three profitable fitness-related businesses.

   Coaching Experience:

  Team coach for the Des Moines Cycle Club Race Team     (2002 – present)

  Team coach for the Greater Iowa Chapter of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF)
Ride to Cure Diabetes (2004 – present)

  Head Coach - Western Division - JDRF Ride to Cure Diabetes (2012 - present)

Lead Coach for the Whitefish, Montana JDRF Ride to Cure Diabetes (2007)
Lead Coach for the Kansas City, Missouri JDRF Ride to Cure Diabetes (2009)

  Coached individual recreational and competitive cyclists (2002 – present)

  Event and Team Management:

   Commissioner of the Iowa Games Time Trial Cycling Event   (2007-present)

  Cycling Event Director for Iowa Senior Olympics (2003-2007)

  Director of the Des Moines Cycle Club Race Team (1996–1998)

  Promoted the Iowa Criterium State Championships, Adel, Iowa (1996-1998)


   CPR and AED Certification )

  USA Cycling Level 1 Coaching Certification (2007)

  Personal Trainer (CPT) Certification through National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA)  (2004)

  USA Cycling Level 2 Coaching Certification (2002)

  USA Cycling Level 3 Coaching Certification (2001)

Business Experience:

  Owner, 24/7 X-Press Fitness Center (2007-2011)

  Owner, Cyclesport Coaching, a cycling coaching business and internet business for cycling information (www.CyclesportCoaching.com).

  Business manager of Third Power PC, PLC, my wife’s physical therapy, pilates and personal training business (ThirdPowerPT.com)

Prior Career: 23 years with Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc. as a Research Scientist, Senior Scientist and Research Director working with plant breeding and genetics. (www.Pioneer.com)

  Training and Continuing Education:

  Level 1 Coaching Clinic, USA Cycling, Olympic Training Center, Colorado Springs, CO  (2007)

  Training with Power, USA Cycling, St. Louis, MO  (2006)

  Heartsaver AED Training, West Des Moines EMS, West Des Moines, IA (2009)

  Endurance Training Symposium, NSCA, Colorado Springs, CO  (2005)

  USA Cycling Summit, US Olympic Training Center, Colorado Springs, CO (2004)

  Expert (Level 2) Coaching Clinic, USA Cycling, Colorado Springs, CO  (2002)

  Selected Athletic Highlights:

   I have participated and competed in many disciplines of cycling, and have experience in cross country skiing,
speed skating (short and long track), cross country running and triathlons.

2nd place - Iowa Games Road Race - 50+ (2013)

1st place - Iowa Games Mountain Bike Race 50+ (2013)

1st place - Iowa Senior Olympics Time Trial 55+ (2013)

3rd place - Iowa Senior Olympics Road Race 50+ (2012)

2nd place - Iowa Roller Race Championships 50+ (2011)

3rd place - Iowa Games Road Race 50+ (2010)

2nd place - Green Days Criterium 50+ (2010) 

3rd place – Iowa Games Road Race, 50+ (2008)

 3rd place – Iowa Team Time Trial Championships, 45+ (2008)

       2nd place – Iowa Senior Olympics 50+ (2008)

       2nd place – Iowa Roller Race State Championships, 50+ (2008)

  3rd place – Big Creek Triathlon, male team (2007)

  2nd place – Iowa Team Time Trial Championships, 45+ Category (2007)

  3rd place – Iowa Roller Race State Championships,   Senior 3 Category (2007)

  1st place – 801 Grand Power Climb, Des Moines, IA,   Corporate team (2006)

  2nd place – Iowa Games Mountain Bike Race, 40+ Category (2006)

  5th place  - Chequamegon Short & Fat mountain bike race, 45+ category (2004)

  2nd place – Iowa Games Road Race, 40+ category (2002)

  5th place – Iowa Cyclocross Championships, 40+ category (2000)

  1st place – Iowa Mountain Bike Championships, Sport Vet category  (1999)

  2nd place – Iowa Time Trial Championships, 40+ category (1999)

  2nd place – Iowa Games Criterium, 40+ category (1998)

  27th place – NORBA Nationals (Welch Village, MN),   35+ category (1998)

  2nd place – Iowa Road Race Championship, 35+ category (1996)

  3rd place – Finchford (IA) Stage Race (1st place in RR stage), 35+  category (1996)

  Participated in the 1996 Atlanta Summer Olympic Torch Relay (1996)

  7th place – Michigan 24 Hour Challenge,    35+ category = 313 miles    (1994)

  2nd place – Central Michigan Long Track Speedskating Championships,  Senior C category (1989)

  3rd place – Michigan Outdoor Speedskating Championships, Senior C  category (1989)

  1st place – Kokomo (IN) Triathlon, 20-25 age category;   2nd place   Overall (1985)

  5th place – Lincoln (NE) Criterium, Senior 3 category (1982)

  5th place – James Armando Memorial Race, Senior 2 category (1979)

  2nd place – Connecticut Road Race Championship, Junior category   (1976)

   3rd place – Connecticut Track Championships, Junior Ccategory (1976)

Qualified and participated in the USCF Junior National  Championship Road Race, Louisville, KY (1976)

  1st place – Wapping Fair Criterium (CT), Junior category (1974)

  2nd place – Equinox 44 Road Race (VT), Junior category (1974)

  Began bicycle racing as an Intermediate in the ABLA (predecessor to USCF) (1973)

  1st place – Cross-Country Ski Race (Westfield, MA), Junior category (1975)

  Ran Cross-Country, High School Team,  Suffield, CT (1974)

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