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                                             Daily Cycling Tips
                     A collection of my Daily Cycling Tips that are posted @Cyclecoach on Twitter

Cycling Tip: Want to lose weight? Don't fast. Fasting is the fastest way to lose muscle. Eat a little less and ride a little more.

Cycling Tip: Download my free booklet, Basics of Cycling Training at
http://bit.ly/bKM8xU Good to review with the new season beginning.

Cycling Tip: Find out from Dr. Oz what your real age is http://bit.ly/3AK1H9 It says mine is 39.5. My chronological age is 51.

Cycling Tip: Bike Dynamics has a very good website on bike fitting http://bit.ly/9cbNEo

Cycling Tip: Time to get out on the bike, winter or not. Get creative where you ride and what bike to use (cross, mountain, dirt roads)

Click here to learn how to spend your money to get faster.

Learn something from every ride. I've been cycling 38 years and I'm still riding and learning.

Cycling Tip: Training With Power article by Joe Friel - a must-read if you own a power meter http://bit.ly/afi5Z5

Cycling Tip: All of my previous training articles are available on my website: http://bit.ly/9iubgU

Log your miles and have a donation made to the cause of your choice. Sign up to the Plus 3 Network today http://www.plus3network.com/

Cycling Tip: Quick test to determine whether your diet is healthy: How colorful is it?

Cycling Tip: Read this USA Cycling article on "How to Spend Your Money" to gain speed. http://bit.ly/ded5wW

Cycling Tip: Determine your heart rate and power training zones. Here's how I do it http://bit.ly/bAOitv

Cycling Tip: My February newsletter is out today-Training Made Simple- http://bit.ly/bXS4TL Subscribe here http://bit.ly/4VYBtN

This year's RAGBRAI general route was announced last night. http://bit.ly/bxmGDT Read my RAGBRAI training blogs at http://bit.ly/96JLyh

Hammer now makes Huckleberry gel. Yum! http://bit.ly/canbkP Get 15% off first Hammer order here http://bit.ly/c0QxPP

My February newsletter is out today-Training Made Simple- http://bit.ly/bXS4TL Subscribe here http://bit.ly/4VYBtN

Determine your heart rate and power training zones. Here's how I do it http://bit.ly/bAOitv

Read this USA Cycling article on "How to Spend Your Money" to gain speed. http://bit.ly/ded5wW

Next time you cook up some rice or pasta, make a double or triple batch. Then you some ready for meals the rest of the week.

Go snowshoeing or XC skiing in place of endurance rides. You don't even have to go hard to keep your heart rate elevated.

Aim for four quality workouts per week and three days for active recovery.

Not all intervals should be killers. This time of year do tempo and threshold intervals,use anaerobic intervals sparingly

Don't short change your recovery. Training tears your body down. Recovery brings it back stronger.

If you are daring (or crazy?) enough to ride on ice, check out this site on winter riding http://bit.ly/7UBVK2

Don't just ride, ride for a purpose. The 2010 JDRF Ride to Cure Diabetes rides have now been announced. http://bit.ly/7GX3Xf

Spinning fast on rollers without any resistance is a great way to get active recovery following a hard day

If you are stuck inside riding, make the most of it. Don't just tool along at a leisurely pace, push the pace and do intervals

Read my latest newsletter http://bit.ly/6aDje1 Also, sign up to receive it each month http://bit.ly/4VYBtN

Happy New Year! Make 2010 your best cycling year yet - set some goals

It's been said that Lance won his Tours in Dec, Jan & Feb. What are you doing now so you can do well next summer?

Spend this week thinking about your 2010 cycling goals. Come up with 3-5 good ones and write them in your training log.

Most people gain weight over the holidays.  Allow yourself a few holiday treats but try to stick with your regular eating habits as much as possible.

If you have to take a few days off over the holidays, don't stress.  Treat it as a recovery break and enjoy yourself.

Try this random interval workout on your next indoor session

If the roads are snowy, hang up the road bike and get the mountain bike out and plow through the snow. Great power workout.

Snowshoeing is a great way to cross train when it's too snowy to ride.You can race snowshoes too! http://tr.im/HlHJ

Skiing Tip. if your riding just got snowed out, try cross country skiing, great cardio training http://tr.im/HfVp

Winter cycling shoes are well worth the investment. How many less hours riding indoors will it take to pay for them???

10 good reasons to ride your mountain bike this winter. http://tr.im/mGcG

Another good newsletter today from RoadBikeRider. Sign up at http://tr.im/GxLC. It's still free!

Dec newsletter out today, featuring strength training. Read it here: http://tr.im/GkHH

If you missed a few days of riding lately, just consider it a short rest break and hit it hard this week.

Try to get out for a long ride at least once a week during the winter, especially when it's 56 degrees in late November!

You are carbo loaded after yesterday's Thanksgiving day feast, now get out for a long ride to burn it off.

Be thankful you ride a bike, every time you ride.

Why you need endurance to go fast http://tr.im/mGcG

Even if you don't think weight training will help your cycling, there are two good reasons you should still do it:  Retain your muscle mass and bone density as you age.

On long rides, throw in some random intervals to keep your pace up and make it interesting.

I just read a great book on the importance of omega-3 fats: The Queen of Fats.

On days you don't ride, use the time to do some bike maintenance.  Keep your bike working as well as your body.

There is no such thing as cold weather, just cold clothing.  Stock up on your warm clothing.

If you don't have hills or mountains to train on, you probably have wind.  Use wind in place of hills.

A long grind into a headwind can do wonders for your strength and power. Think about that the next windy day!

Misery loves company. If you have to train indoors, get together with some friends and do a training session together.

A dirty bike that's ridden a lot is better than a clean one that isn't ridden.

If you want to improve your diet several fold immediately, just stop eating processed foods.

Every nice day you can get out and ride this fall makes the winter one day shorter. I made winter one day shorter today.

Are you getting the results you want from your exercise program? New article. http://tr.im/Emxh

First and foremost, cycling is an aerobic sport, so include aerobic exercise in your weekly program, year round.

Is riding a pain in the neck, literally?  Then read this: http://tr.im/E9DE

Ride over to your polling place and vote for your cycling-friendly candidates today.

Start training for 2010 today! Happy New Year! Newsletter just sent out. http://tr.im/DWIj

Daylight Savings Time ends tonight. Keep a tail light on your bike in case you get caught out after dark.

Fall is a great time to review the past seaon's accomplishments and set goals for next year.

Suffer from back pain while riding? Read this article. http://tr.im/E9DR

When lubing your chain, start with the master link (if you have one) so you know when you've covered the whole thing.

If you are going to be riding indoors this winter, check out these vitual cycling DVDs from global ride http://tr.im/Dlp7

Should you train with intensity during the off-season? Read more at http://tr.im/mGcG

It's okay to do some running in the offseason. If nothing else it makes you realize you much you love riding!

Recycle: Ride your bike again. It's good for the environment!

If you want to improve every year, you need to keep training through the winter. Otherwise you start at square one next spring.

Junk Miles = miles ridden too fast to prevent recovery but too slowly to improve fitness

Any time spent on a bike is never wasted.

Some days when you least feel like training, you end up having a great ride.  You won't know until you get out there.

When working hard and having pain remember the reason you are doing it -because you love to do it. (via @ranlaser)

If you use a power meter you must read this book: Training and Racing with a Power Meter by Coggan/Allen http://tr.im/C6M5

Cycling Tip: Don't do leg extensions, they can hurt your knees. Instead do multi-joint execises like squats and lunges.

If you missed getting in your ride today, you've missed the chance forever.  Plan ahead and make your cycling and fitness a priority.

If you are backing down on miles this time of year, make sure you are also backing down on the amount that you eat.  From now through New Years is the worst time for weight gain.

If you are doing cyclocross this fall, check out this new book:  http://www.cx-book.com

Riding in the rain is OK and riding in the cold is OK but riding in the cold rain isn't too smart!

If you want a change of pace, you can try doing some running this fall. Start easy and consider doing some off road races.

Try to keep doing a long endurance ride each week as far into the fall as you can, makes the winter that much shorter.

If this is the end of your cycling season, consider taking a week or two completely off your bike.  It won't kill you.

10 reasons to train in doors.   Read HERE

Cycling Tip: Take a break at the end of the season. Read about Transition Period in my latest newsletter http://tr.im/Ar7Y

Cycling Tip: On cold,rainy fall days, get back into the gym to do some strength work. Start easy if you haven't done it all summer.

Pack your tights, jacket, gloves and headwear in your gear bag so you will have it ready now that the weather is getting cooler.

Cycling Tip: If you miss your ride outside, you can always ride your indoor trainer - it's better than doing nothing. http://tr.im/A9ev

Cycling Tip: To increase your power, don't just work on leg strength, also work on leg speed.

Even if you try to eat a good balanced diet, if you are training hard you should consider supplementing with multi-vitamins as insurance.

Give preference to eating whole food oveGive preference to eating whole food over vitamin pills. Real food has lots of other nutrients not in pills.

If you miss a workout, don't beat yourself up over it.  Save that for your next workout!

Cross Train Your Brain - read about training from other sports.

To simulate riding in a paceline when you are riding alone, pick up the pace for a minute then back off somewhat for the next two. Repeat until dropped.

Be sure to subscribe to http://RoadBikeRider.com and sign up for their free weekly newsletter - packed with great information.

Remember to go easy on your recovery days so you can get in a quality workout on your hard days.

Even if you are done with races or tours for the season, keep doing long rides into the fall as long as you can to maintain your endurance.

Stretch after your ride.  It's a nice way to cool down and relax after a long, hard ride.

Train with people faster than yourself.  You may never be as fast as them, but you will be faster than your previous self.

Some pros still use Coke in their bottles during races.  While not a perfect sports drink, it actually has many of the benefits of a sports drink.

Some days you have to pass on your ride and get work done at home.

On you next long ride, do a negative split - ride the second half faster than the first half.

Take a friend or family member riding with you, you never know, you may get them hooked and have a new riding partner.

Celebrate Labor Day doing your labor of love - cycling.

Steel cut oats are a great pre-ride food, but be sure to leave ample time to prepare and eat!

Power = Strength x Speed.  Work on both of these to improve your power.

If you are burned out from doing hard training, set a mileage goal and just get out and ride.

If you have cyclocross racing nearby, give it a try.  It's a great way to extend (or even improve) your fitness going into the fall.

If you are a roadie, hop on a mountain bike once in a while and hit the trails.  Great training and nice change of pace from the road.

If your season is winding down, get out and ride for the fun of it and don't worry about the numbers for now.

If your legs are tired, try spinning faster in an easier gear.

If you have some energy drink left in your bottle when you finish your ride, drink it up.  It works well as a recovery drink also.

Consistency of training is more important the the type of workout you do.

Don't forget to eat a good lunch and midafternoon snack on days when you have a ride after work.

On a longer ride, push hard for about 10 pedal strokes every minute, your speed will increase.

If you have an early morning ride or race, eat a carbohydrate rich dinner the night before and a light breakfast the morning before the ride.

Intervals work.  Do intervals at least once a week.  They don't always have to be gut-busters but should be hard enough to make you work more than you normally do.

Your day off from riding is a good day to do your upper body strength and core routine, or yard work!

We don't have to get much slower as we age, but recovery takes longer. Allow yourself more to recover when you hit 40.

Every ride should have a purpose, Part 2: If your purpose is just to go out and ride for the fun of it, that's okay too.

Every ride should have a purpose. What is yours today?

It's okay, even advisable, to take a day or two off per week.

People don't like to talk about it but training hurts. Read my article: Talent, Hard Work, Pain and Suffering http://tr.im/woTs

When drafting, don't get mesmerized starting at the wheel in front of you.  Rather, look ahead a rider or two.

Training breaks your body down. Recovery makes it stronger.  Don't shortchange your recovery.

If you ride alone most of the time, make a point to ride with others.  Other cyclists will always push you harder than you do by yourself.

Your bike is your Fountain of Youth.  Keep riding and stay young.

Take advantage of rainy days and use them for your upper body and core strength workouts.

Planning racing cyclocross this fall?  Time to start doing some running and practicing on your CX bike.

Short on time?  Try this workout:  30 seconds very hard followed by 1 min easy, repeat as long as possible.

Cyclists should do weight training as much for their bone density as for their muscles

Cyclists should do weight training as much for their bone density as for their muscles.

Always be cognizant of the wind direction so you can take full advantage of the draft

After every ride, roll your thighs and hamstrings with a foam roller.

Mondays are a good day to take off, especially after a lot of riding on the weekend. One complete day off each week is a good idea.

I hope you recorded the Tour de France so you can re-watch it during the winter when training indoors.  If not, you can purchase DVDs of it.

In order to ride faster, you have to train faster.  If you aren't pushing yourself to ride faster in training, how can you expect to ever get faster?

If your training plan says 'hard day' and your legs are screaming "No way", listen to your legs.

Watching the Tour is great motivation to get out and ride, hard. It's also a great way to pick up tactics.

The day after a long ride, don't be shocked if you are up a pound or two. People expect it to go the other way, but not always

Endurance is the foundation of your cycling fitness. Continue to do long rides all through the main season.

When you don't have a lot of time to ride, make your rides count. I wrote a book on this subject: http://tr.im/oocu

Leg weights aren't just for winter. You can do them in summer if you miss your hill workout.

Spinning on rollers with no resistance is a great recovery ride, especially while watching the tour live.

If you have a desk job and train after work, fill your desk with healthy energy-rich snacks to munch on in the afternoon.

When traveling, if you can't exercise, at least watch what you eat and try not to gain weight.

Don't be afraid to take time off from training during the season.

Indoor trainers aren't just for winter. Use them when you can't get out to ride, whatever the reason.

At stoplights, practice track stands without putting your feet down - just don't fall over in front of cars!

Check your spare tube once in a while. You don't want to discover it doesn't hold air out on the road when you need it.

If you need some motivation with your own training, go watch elite athletes race. Very inspiring.

Every ride should have a purpose so ask yourself what you hope to accomplish with today's ride.

Continue to do some sort of leg strengthening exercise even during the summer. It can be done on the bike.

It's good to have a set of favorite workouts handy on days when you get rained out and ride indoors.

The purpose of life is to live it, and there is no better way to live in the present than riding your bike!

When you ride through sand or debris, wipe off your tires with your fingers or glove.

If you don't feel motivated for a hard ride, at least ride hills so it will make you work hard.

If you get new shoes or different cleats or new saddle, make sure you recheck your saddle height.

Download and read my free manual "Basics of Cycling Training". Can be found at http://tr.im/oOiT

Regularly check your bike to make sure all bolts are tight. I've seen two saddles fall off this past week

Wearing a bright jersey with the zip partway down is a good way to attract bees. Wear a full zip for quick removal. Bzzz

Mountain biking really helps your road bike handling skills. Learn how to crash!

The less time you have to train, the harder you need to ride to maintain fitness.

Do upper body and core work on your days off from riding. This still gives your legs a rest.

Flat tires never happen at a good time. Inspect your tires frequently looking for nicks, buldges and cuts.

If you need motivation, read a biography on athletes and see how incredibly hard they train

Towards the end of a long ride, throw in 10 min or so of a hard push to force yourself to dig deep while fatigued.

You aren't a complete cyclist if you have never done RAGBRAI. Check it out at http://www.ragbrai.com

Even if you only have a half hour to ride, go ahead and ride. A short brisk ride beats doing nothing.

If you are training hard be sure to build in recovery days to allow yourself to adapt to your training.

If you want to get faster, join and ride with a club or team. Here's mine: http://tr.im/ncbn

An occasional day off the bike is good for you - makes you appreciate your next ride all the more.

Don't just ride your bike, do some good. Consider doing a Charity Ride. I know of a good one. http://tr.im/mZsJ

Prioritize: cycling is important to our lives but so are other things; don't neglect those other things.

Cyclists should do some sort of upper body/core strength work, cycling doesn't do anything positive for your bones.

When doing hill intervals, try to do them with a tailwind. They are more fun that way, or less un-fun.

  The information and advice contained within this website are intended to supplement, not replace, a supervised training program.   Anyone beginning or enhancing an exercise program should consult with appropriate health and fitness professionals.   The reader, not the author, is responsible for any consequences resulting from the use of any and all information contained within this website.  Please ride responsibly and within your limits.