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Competitive Cyclist Annual Training Plan
A Training Plan written by Coach Ertl

competitive cover 

Allows competitive cyclists to take their riding to the next level

Great for racers who don’t have access to their own coach

Daily workouts strategically combined with rest days, using periodization to build fitness throughout the season and during the off-season

 Provides workouts for all the important aspects of cycling fitness: endurance, aerobic capacity, anaerobic capacity, VO2 Max, Power, strength and speed

 Moderate to high training volume

Offers a wide variety of workouts to prevent boredom

Training intensity based on Heart Rate or Power Zones

52 weeks, 365 days’ worth of daily training plans, starting with January 1 and going through December 31, which can be used over each year

Sample week from the Competitive Cyclist Annual Training Plan:
Competitive Plan

lso, when you purchase this training plan you also get a free manual included with your purchase to better use, interpret and modify your training plan:

“How to Use a Cycling Training Plan”

How To Use Cover

Just $49 for an entire year of daily training plans !! 

That’s less than $1 per week — get a training plan from a professional coach for a small fraction of the cost of personal coaching!

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Once you make your online purchase through Clickbank, you will be directed to a web page where you will be able to download the training plan and user’s manual immediately. Note that your credit card statement will say CLICKBANK or CLKBANK.COM.

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