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Free Training Articles Written by Coach David Ertl

General Training Articles

Do we Live to Play or Play to Live?

A case for Strength Training for Cyclists

10 Reasons to Ride a Mountain Bike This Winter

Will Donating Blood Negatively Impact My Cycling Performance?

Cycling Specific Leg Strength Training

It's Hard to Ride Easy

Train Harder on Hard Days and Easier on Easy Days

Cycling: My Barometer of Life

The Importance of Rest and Recovery

Don't be a Pain in the Butt:  Avoiding Saddle Sores

Determining Your Training Zones

Infinite Intervals

How to Spend Your Money to Get Faster

The value of Tempo training

Cyclists: Keep neck and upper back pain at bay

Cycling is my passion but it's killing my back.  Is there anything I can do?

Junk Miles - What are they and are they bad for you?

10 Reasons to Train Indoors

Drafting:  The Great Equalizer

Eating for Health and Performance

Training articles written for RAGBRAI®, the Register's Annual Bike Ride Across Iowa  (

Tips for Safe Training and Riding on RAGBRAI

The Hills are Alive on RAGBRAI XXXVII

RAGBRAI Frequently Asked Questions

Planning Your Training Mileage for RAGBRAI

Time to Start Getting Ready for RAGBRAI XXXVII

Training articles written for the Des Moines Cycle Club Newsletter, Draftlines  (

Long Live Long Rides

Cross-Train this Winter

Get stronger this winter

Happy New Year!

The seasonality of training

The road to recovery

Do you just ride or do you train?

Like skinning a cat, there is more than one way to climb a hill

I am just a recreational rider, I don’t need to do interval training… do I?

Training articles written for the Cycling Update  
( :

When Life Happens

Should You Train Tired?

Racing Into Shape

Talent, Hard Work, Pain and Suffering

Power On

Are You a Spinner or a Masher?

When Stronger Isn’t Faster

To Base Train or Not to Base Train?

Spinning in Circles

Periodization—Who needs it?

Weight! Don’t Forget Your Upper Body

Which way to weight?

Should cyclists do strength training?

Should you train with intensity during the offseason?

Fitness Newsletter written for the 24/7 X-Press Fitness Center
in Des Moines, Iowa

( :

Are you getting the results you want from your exercise program?

Staying On Track With Your Exercise Program
Exercise Like An Athlete
Weight Loss and Maintenance - It's all about Metabolism

Don't neglect your muscles during the summer

What should my heart rate be during exercise?

How often should I exercise?

I want to tone, I don't want to bulk up. How should I lift weights?

To burn the most fat I should be training in the fat burning zone, correct?

How to keep your New Year’s Resolution going all year

Avoid gaining weight during the holidays

The best way to lose weight

Intro to 24/7 X-Press and Third Power PT

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